To know God and to make Him known

The Math Map

Navigate the World of Math with Confidence

The Math MapTM is a whole-family math curriculum designed from a Christ-centered worldview and in the classical tradition. The Math Map demonstrates how topics can be understood through six different dimensions and across thirteen different domains, and the format of the curriculum offers a hospitable invitation to the math conversation.

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A group of children engaged in learning activities with The Math Map.

Every Adventure Needs a Map

As the first truly comprehensive classical, Christian math curriculum, The Math Map contains everything your family and your community need to explore the world of mathematics together.

The Math Map is the resource that will be used to unify the math conversation on Community Day. This will allow for a common, shared language and rich discussion each week during the Logic strand. At home, this curriculum will allow you to nurture the habits of a mathematician in your student. And, above all, together, you and your student will learn to see the unseen in God’s good creation through mathematics. Math is an adventure. Get your map.

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While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18

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What Is The Math Map?

The Math Map is a classical, Christian math curriculum designed to help homeschool families seek God through mathematics while equipping students and parents alike for success.

With guidance from The Math Map, your family will develop

  • fluency with the language of mathematics in order to see the unseen,
  • mathematical unity within families and communities in order to support one another,
  • the practice of the habits of classical mathematicians in order to know God and to make Him known.

And the best part? As the only comprehensive classical, Christian math curriculum, The Math Map will fit right in with your regular Classical Conversations studies—which means no more struggling to adapt non-curricular lesson plans and resources to your homeschooling needs!

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Why The Math Map?

The Math Map presents math in the way God created us to learn.

Navigating another country with a different language is much easier and quicker when you can communicate with the people who live there. And math is the same. Solving any math problem, from elementary arithmetic to analytic functions, requires an understanding of the symbols, notation, words, concepts, and ideas foundational to math.

The Math Map is your family’s tour guide to traversing this mathematical terrain, inspiring your family to develop fluency in the language of math so you can break down any problem into manageable pieces.

The Math Map: Complex book.

I love The Math Map personally because of the connection to God. He is really able to reveal himself through the “Contribution to the Conversation.” I also appreciate The Math Map Companion, the added extra information links with many of the fields and the Big Ideas being spelled out up front as well as the pertinent vocabulary words for each lesson.


I like the repetition year after year. The artwork and quotes are amazing! I’m learning so much from this along with my son.


I love how it all points to order and God and His being approachable yet unfathomable. It is so neat to remind myself that the smarter you get, the more you realize how big God is, instead of sometimes feeling like knowledge can exist apart from Him (with former math books).

A father, son, and daughter working at a table with The Math Map materials during focused family study time

How Does The Math Map Work?

You’re never lost with The Math Map!

The Math Map encompasses a classical approach that aligns with the way your student naturally learns. Each year’s level compounds upon the previous, approaching the beauty of math logically, sequentially, and cyclically—and with a sense of marvel at God’s creation. To that end, our math curriculum offers

  • flexible weekly lessons in a supportive community context;
  • consumable booklets with everything you need to cover the topics;
  • engaging content, including art, games, and flashcards; and
  • structured progression spanning a 13-year sequence and 30-week scope.
Two mothers talking and supporting each other while sons are practicing with math flash cards on a bench.

What Does The Math Map Include?

The Math Map contains everything that you need to homeschool the classical way—each week, each semester, each cycle, from kindergarten to college.

Presented in lightweight, consumable, and portable weekly booklets (goodbye, 300+ page math textbooks!), each manageable lesson plan also includes:

  • lesson pages;
  • solutions to every problem;
  • reference charts;
  • art, conversation starters, and games for fun.

Furthermore, Classical Conversations members will receive online support through CC Connected in the form of The Math Map Companion, which is an instruction manual for the whole family and includes worked example problems, additional explanations, glossary, audio glossary, videos, and more.

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Discover the Benefits of Math with The Math Map

Math proficiency is the ultimate life hack.

From unlocking a high-income career in engineering or computer programming to confidently managing personal finances and applying logical thinking and problem-solving skills to real-world situations, the student who understands math is primed for success in all areas of life. In modern society, where the only constant is change, critical skills like logic, numeracy, and problem-solving are incredibly valuable and in high demand. There are the same skills gained through a rigorous study of mathematics.

The Math Map offers your student a rock-solid foundation in mathematics, equipping them with lifelong skills and opening doors to opportunities that will enrich their personal and professional lives.

A group of boys working on The Math Map books.

Reclaim Your Math Education with The Math Map

Many parents feel the weight of their own past struggles with math as they guide their children through their educational journey. The Math Map is here to help you redeem your own math education by providing a detailed map for your student’s mathematical journey.

Of course, you’ll receive plenty of support from your community along the way. Parents and Tutors will receive equipping in the form of access to The Math Map Companion, access to Curriculum Assistants through the discussion forums in CC Connected; and a weekly book club hosted by Leigh Bortins and Kirsty Gilpin, two of the math curriculum experts behind The Math Map.

With the help of The Math Map, discover the confidence to navigate the intricate world of mathematics. Reclaim your one-family schoolhouse, and see math the way God intended.

Family sitting on the couch watching as their daughter studies a globe.

+ Classical Curriculum

The Math Map introduces young students to the basic concepts and symbols of math, emphasizing memorization of this grammar through repetition.

As progress is made through The Math Map, students build on this foundation with practice through the classical art of dialectic, tackling increasingly more challenging equations and ideas before engaging in rhetorical conversation and writing about the foundational concepts of mathematics.

Wave farewell to overwhelming your student with math and wondering why they just don’t get it. Instead, teach them mathematics the way they naturally learn with The Math Map.

Child looking at a map.

+ Christian Curriculum

Ultimately, the goal of The Math Map is to enable students to see the unseen through mathematics.

From the fundamental laws of physics to the beautiful and mysterious occurrences of the Fibonacci sequence in nature and art, our God speaks to us about His character and creation through math.

Throughout their years of exploration with The Math Map, students’ eyes are opened to the reality and personality of our awesome God who weaved mathematics throughout the structure of our wondrous universe.

Two sisters laughing and smiling.

+ Community-Based Curriculum

The Math Map serves to unify CC communities around one exhaustive math resource. All Foundations and Essentials parents and students will be working through the same material at-home each week to allow for unified and supportive in-community conversations about math during lunchtime parent/teacher collaboration.

Also, by incorporating The Math Map as the primary resource in the Logic Strand of the Challenge program, students will be able to engage in more intentional, meaningful discussions with one another during community seminars, leading to a deeper understanding of the truth, beauty, and goodness to be discovered in mathematics.

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